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Hey, wow I had my first hookah experience last night.
I mean I've read about them, and I've seen them before but...this time my friends took me to a hookah bar and it was awesome.
Walked in smelled all types of sweet things, we sat in the front and had strawberry orange for about 45mins then we had to go.

But it was awesome!
I really need to get one of those. The best thing is that it didn't hurt, and I could actually tolerate the smoke (seriously so light and smooth and sweet). I'm not a smoker at all and this was amazing.

Can hookahs be smoked in cars? And they're totally legal right? So if I want I can have one in plain view of people in my own home or wherever?

Saw this website probably the one this site links to, and it has like a hookah plus a starter kit (pick your own flavor and base color) for like $60. it comes with only one hose but thats ok. its what sharing is for (comes with plastic tips and tongs and coal).
But what about the lamp shade? is that needed?

the sites are different, so this is the one I was talking about:
Isn't that a great starter kit especially for the price? Both the anubis and the classic mirage are in my price range,and both come with everything I'd need (I'd probably get the mirage since it already has 2 hoses, and if the lowest price per hose is 12$ then yea) including a lot of the tobacco!
Anyone buy anything from them? I just used a search engine for hookah on msn search. Legit?
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