June 11th 2005 @ 07:19pm

POSTED BY: raemuz

One major problem in my owning and using of a hookah has been getting the needed materials in order to even use it. Namely, the shisha and coals. Everything else can be pretty much made from stuff you'd already have, and I have made my own shisha in the past (fun stuff!) but what do you do about the coals? If there are no hookah stores nearby, where could you get coals that you could use?

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 June 11th 2005 @ 04:58pm
SUBJECT: it's a shame that someone else is going to buy this -:[
POSTED BY: elementseven

Huge 50" 6 Hose Brass Hookah Shisha Nargila Hooka Large being sold away on an eBay auction~


 June 11th 2005 @ 10:44am
POSTED BY: dingo

My whole car smells like Double Apple just because I had my hookah (+shisha) in there for a day. :o)

It's better than an air freshener.

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 June 10th 2005 @ 01:53am
POSTED BY: opiemasa

Who luvs ya?Collapse )

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 June 9th 2005 @ 06:41am
SUBJECT: Late night Smokin
POSTED BY: opiemasa

From like.... 3-6am...me and shred just smooked the hookah, We ended up going though about 3/4ths of a 250g tub of the tobbaco...oh man...its kinda relaxing...Shred says he gets high off of it but I dont understand how this is the case.

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 June 7th 2005 @ 11:38am
SUBJECT: boring hookah story (yawn I can hear you yawning already)
POSTED BY: elementseven

Well, a few weeks ago, I was in the company of a good friend of mine, (he's a roadie for Minus the Bear, by the way~) and he had unearthed to me in my disbelief a most beautiful hookah: three feet in height and three hoses to spare, it was a luminous amber yellow with silver accents from the screen to the base with the traditional Egyptian decor of its marvelous hand-painted glass to its forged extremeties.

Needless to say, it proved to be quite illustrious in both looks and use, and frankly, I'd love to have one such as the one he has!
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 June 7th 2005 @ 09:17am
SUBJECT: Promote and post :>
POSTED BY: dingo

Do me a favour, and whore out the community a bit. <3 In your LJs, in anything. We need members-- most of you guys I know already. o_O;;;

Copy and paste. :>

Also, I urge you guys to post pictures or tell stories--I noticed we've got two new members & I don't think anyone knows em. x]


 June 6th 2005 @ 05:02pm
SUBJECT: Pictures
POSTED BY: dingo

A big thank you to painwolf, who was the one who got this hookah for me :>

And another thanks to opiemasa who got me into the hobby at all. :3!

This is mah hookahCollapse )
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 June 5th 2005 @ 05:42pm
SUBJECT: Welcome to Hookah Central @ LJ!
POSTED BY: dingo

I'm still sweeping up and making everything nice around here, please excuse the mess. :>

A big thank you SO MUCH to metaphor for making the amazing layout. I would have done it myself but in my recent bits I've been so insanely lazy it's just horrible. :X

Anyways, have fun. <3 I'll be posting rules and stuff soon.
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