August 21st 2009 @ 12:44am
SUBJECT: manage
POSTED BY: tomash2001

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 January 31st 2006 @ 12:34am
SUBJECT: Hookah?
POSTED BY: chrispey

Hey all. I'm thinking about getting my boyfriend a hookah for his birthday. He's really into alice and wonderland and I was wondering if there are any NON-CHEESY alice themed hookah's out there. I'm talking cool, maybe a tad psychodellic or else based on the original illistration? Anyone know of anything like that? Thanks
mood: curious

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 November 18th 2005 @ 09:55pm
SUBJECT: Lighting the coals
POSTED BY: tempestbreaker

I'm a new hookah owner...and I'm wondering what others due to get the coals going. When I lived with my parents, lighting coals wasn't a problem...but now I'm living in a one bedroom apartment, with an electric stove. I'm looking for a nice simple way to get the coals nice and toasty without resorting to going outside with a make-shift flamethrower, or making too much of a smell.

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 October 3rd 2005 @ 12:20am

POSTED BY: boxin_clever

anyone know of hookah bars in miami?

hit me back--


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 October 1st 2005 @ 05:56pm

POSTED BY: poorchanticleer

hello everyone i'm pretty new to Hookahs and was wondering what brand of shisha everyone recommended and also what type of charcoal?

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 September 16th 2005 @ 05:15pm

POSTED BY: nazik

where does everyone get their shisha tobacco from? I just ordered some from this place called ragga dagga...they sell a lot of interesting stuff...wondering if anyone in here knew anything about them.

I highly reccomend margarita flavored shisha!!

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 August 21st 2005 @ 01:57pm

POSTED BY: nazik

I've had my shisha for a few months now. I first discovered the joys of smoking shisha while spending a few weeks in Egypt early this summer. I just tried a nice little comibination last night...thought I might share it with the rest of you all and see if anybody else has any fun suggestions. Instead of water I put Sminoroff Raspberry in the vase and used Vanilla shisha tobacco. Good stuff, great mix!!

Also, does anybody live in the Seattle area and know of a good place to smoke a shisha? I tried a place called Zaina last night but the ambiance wasn't right and the shisha was all wrong!
mood: crazy

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 August 20th 2005 @ 03:45pm

POSTED BY: viciously_syd

Hello :)
I'm glad to see there is a community for hookahs.
I had my first expierence with a hookah about...maybe a year ago. My brother and his (ex)fiance brought one over so my mom could try one. Since I was 18 she let me try with them. Since then I have loved hookahs, and as a birthday present to myself this year I wish to get my own.
Is there anything I realaly need to know about getting a hookah?

Anywhose, so yes. Hi everyone and thanks for making this community!
mood: awake


 August 14th 2005 @ 10:07pm
SUBJECT: Two more questions....
POSTED BY: redbricksky

Hey. I am finally about to head off to college, and I am hoping to be purchasing my first hookah soon. I did have a couple of questions though.

First, am I even allowed to have a hookah in my dorm room?

And second, what makes a good hookah? Is there anything in particular I should be looking for? All I have heard so far is that I should get a hookah with a big glass vase (I think is what you call them...I still do not know too much about the terminology) on the bottom and also one with cobra hoses? Do you guys agree with this?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks very much!!

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 August 14th 2005 @ 02:21am

POSTED BY: seedonniedarko

I've heard that in other countries people smoke unflavored shisha, so I've been looking to try some. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a specific brand of unflavored shisha.


 August 6th 2005 @ 09:54pm


Just joined. Just bought a new best friend.

Any time not spent on this love is wasted.Collapse )
mood: ecstatic

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 July 29th 2005 @ 11:47am

POSTED BY: nonamecub

ok, so last week i was chillin in vegas. while i was there i went to the local smoke shop and bought some shisha. i walked out of there with cola, cherry, grape, tropical fruit, and coconut. i already have orange double apple and mint. so far i have tried the coconut and i mixed the cherry n cola together. have any of you mixed flavors together that came out tasting good? if so what were they?

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 July 20th 2005 @ 02:47pm

POSTED BY: willows_weep

Hey, wow I had my first hookah experience last night.
I mean I've read about them, and I've seen them before but...this time my friends took me to a hookah bar and it was awesome.
Walked in smelled all types of sweet things, we sat in the front and had strawberry orange for about 45mins then we had to go.

But it was awesome!
I really need to get one of those. The best thing is that it didn't hurt, and I could actually tolerate the smoke (seriously so light and smooth and sweet). I'm not a smoker at all and this was amazing.

Can hookahs be smoked in cars? And they're totally legal right? So if I want I can have one in plain view of people in my own home or wherever?

Saw this website probably the one this site links to, and it has like a hookah plus a starter kit (pick your own flavor and base color) for like $60. it comes with only one hose but thats ok. its what sharing is for (comes with plastic tips and tongs and coal).
But what about the lamp shade? is that needed?

the sites are different, so this is the one I was talking about:
Isn't that a great starter kit especially for the price? Both the anubis and the classic mirage are in my price range,and both come with everything I'd need (I'd probably get the mirage since it already has 2 hoses, and if the lowest price per hose is 12$ then yea) including a lot of the tobacco!
Anyone buy anything from them? I just used a search engine for hookah on msn search. Legit?

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 July 20th 2005 @ 02:57am
SUBJECT: hey fellas
POSTED BY: dingo

Just a friendly mod post to say hi and to welcome all of our new members. Finally, people I don't know! :O

haha. Anyways. :3

What's your experience with colored smoke? I've heard it's possible, but I have no idea how it works. Explinations? Thanks. :3

ps- PROMOTE!!! :D


 July 20th 2005 @ 01:34am

POSTED BY: eat_____mealive

Hi just joined.
My name is Sable, and I've been puffing on hookah's for sometime with some friends, they are probably the best head buzz I've ever gotten.
I was reading the post below and the comments on it, and it got me to thinking about what one girl said about it not giving her a buzz, unless she mixes it or smokes a lot, and I hope I dont get in trouble for writing this let me know and I will take it out But when I mix pot with flavored tabacco Not only did I get a high, and a head buzz but my entire body buzzeeed out. It was amazing.
just thought I'd share an experiance

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 July 15th 2005 @ 12:32am

POSTED BY: redbricksky

Hey everybody. I just experianced hookah for the first time last night, so I am pretty much clueless about nearly everything there is to know about hookah. I sure did have a great time though. Anyways, I had a few questions for you all:

Do you have to use the special hookah coals for heating, or could you just settle for alternatives such as bbq charcoal?
In my research over the internet, I have found several sites claiming that hookah is actually more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. What do you all think about the hookah health risks?

I guess that is all for now. Thanks a lot!

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 July 4th 2005 @ 01:20pm
SUBJECT: tonight
POSTED BY: dingo

Tonight I will smoke my hookah in the name of FREEDOM.


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 July 1st 2005 @ 06:39pm

POSTED BY: nahsiz85

hi guys! Guru here from chicago...huge shisha fan! tried jasmine a lil while ago and i loved it! its stronger than double apple. any recommendations on newer flavors?
mood: calm

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 June 14th 2005 @ 10:51pm
POSTED BY: dingo

So a few days ago, I completely converted like three of my friends plus one of my friends' mom to hookah-ism. I'm gonna grab one of em and see if they'll join the comm, too.

But yeah, we totally smoked shisha in my lovely piece of glass with a bunch of friends. :> It was awesome.

A question, someone noted that I have 'resin' on my bowl--how would you go about fixing that? Can it be taken off?

Thanks. :> hart

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 June 11th 2005 @ 07:59pm

POSTED BY: raemuz






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