Paprika (dingo) wrote in hookahs,


So a few days ago, I completely converted like three of my friends plus one of my friends' mom to hookah-ism. I'm gonna grab one of em and see if they'll join the comm, too.

But yeah, we totally smoked shisha in my lovely piece of glass with a bunch of friends. :> It was awesome.

A question, someone noted that I have 'resin' on my bowl--how would you go about fixing that? Can it be taken off?

Thanks. :> hart
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well when i found out i'd get in deep shit if i had used it at a friend's house the day after i used it at a friends house, i discovered this(for a glass bowl, at least): glass cleaner (like scrubbing bubbles or 409) + lots of water + a sponge = clean after a long time of scrubbing.
A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine and I were walking to the park when my hookah was bumped by my friend, and slipped out of my hand. My hookah SHATTERED all over the road. It was a beautiful, green-tinted, about 2 feet tall hookah.. named Athena. My boyfriend and I bought it together, and he wasn't even there when it shattered. I was SO upset. Alas, I have no money to buy another vase for my Athena. We have to pay for an apartment, some debt we have, and the tattoo rings we're getting as engagement rings. Well, I hope none of your hookahs ever shatter. It's heart-breaking.