redbricksky (redbricksky) wrote in hookahs,

Two more questions....

Hey. I am finally about to head off to college, and I am hoping to be purchasing my first hookah soon. I did have a couple of questions though.

First, am I even allowed to have a hookah in my dorm room?

And second, what makes a good hookah? Is there anything in particular I should be looking for? All I have heard so far is that I should get a hookah with a big glass vase (I think is what you call them...I still do not know too much about the terminology) on the bottom and also one with cobra hoses? Do you guys agree with this?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks very much!!
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See if your dorm has "smoking" dorms, like how a hotel room has smoking rooms and nonsmoking. If they do, generally you should be able to. Otherwise, I'm unsure. I suppose asking would be your best bet.

What makes a good hookah? Depends. Obviously you're going for functionality; so big bases are nice. As for Cobra Hoses, that depends too... I suggest researching all the types of hookahs, and seeing what you think you'll like. I will give you advice, for hoses-- if you're going for funcionality-- DO NOT get glass hosetips. They're more likely to break.

Hope this helps. :D
1) I cannot stress this enough, but glass mouthpieces are a faux pas. If you slip with those brittle bastards in your mind, you'll have yourself a bloody grin. Stick with acrylic.

2) A million hoses does not make a hookah a million times better. Be smart, and be aware of how many people you will commonly have use your hookah.

3) As you may know, a hookah is a community-styled pipe. If you're thinking about mostly smoking by yourself, it would be recommended to buy a tobacco pipe or a bubbler instead; there's no need to stress yourself over starting the coals if you're going to be smoking alone.

... and lastly ...

My friend and I bought a hookah before heading off to college. We bought a 2 hose 22" from a site we found on ebay. Here is a link:

It was only $45 and it has worked perfectly. If you don't care how much you are spending, then I would look around other places.

We smoke our hookah outside. You may get some stares depending on how aware the people at your college are of hookah smoking, but as long as you NEVER PUT POT IN YOUR HOOKAH, there shouldn't be a problem.